Sportsmanship is our #1 Priority.


In most APA Leagues, and on most nights, things go according to plan and the teams have a great time

playing APA pool. We realize however, that occasionally there may be a player or even a team in the

League that other players just don't like being around. Usually these players or teams get away with

their actions way too long before we are able to take appropriate action. Members simply don’t like to

complain unless the problem turns major.  


With this in mind, the same Pool League that brings you fair competition with it’s EQUALIZER Handicap

System, has now put into place a Five‐Star Sportsmanship program designed to increase the fun you

have playing in the APA.


How it Works:

The APA “FUN FACTOR” System, a “Five‐Star Sportsmanship Program” has been designed to accomplish

two things: (1) reward teams that from week to week are “Great” teams to play against; and (2) identify

teams that from week to week are a pain in the butt to be around, remove the players from those teams

who cause the problems, and reorganize those teams in question.


This “FUN FACTOR” system is an integral part of all APA computer software and will give us

instantaneous feedback as to where our sportsmanship problems lie. Your scoresheets allow for your

weekly input. With this input, we will (at the touch of a button) be able to print out the top

sportsmanship teams and acknowledge and reward them. We will just as easily be able to identify those

teams that cause problems in the League.


The “FUN FACTOR” system works as follows: ..... Every week you will rate the opposing team. It’s simple,

you only need to write a number from 1 to 5 on the scoresheet (in the section which reads "Team# xxxxx

receives a _____‐Star Rating this match"). This section must be filled out in order for your team to

receive your bonus point(s) for the week!


The Weekly ratings will go into each team’s Sportsmanship Table and be accumulated throughout the

session. You will score the team “only” after all matches are over and “only” after both Captains have

signed the scoresheet. Don’t let the opposing team know that you are giving them a bad rating, do so in

private before turning in your team envelope. The rating you give them will be 100% confidential. It’s

that simple.


What happens to this data? Every session, we will run reports that identify those teams that are GREAT

to compete against. Once identified they will be acknowledged on our website and sent Good

Sportsmanship patches.5 STAR SPORTSMANSHIP


On the same note, we will be able to more rapidly identify and eliminate the problem players. Every five

to six weeks we will run reports identifying those teams who have been rated poorly (those teams that

nobody wants to play against). All members on the team will be sent letters notifying them that their

team has been placed on probation and that subsequent poor scores will result in suspension from the

League. They will be given instructions on how to fix the problem. They may only need to drop a player

or two; or if the problem is the Captain or Co‐Captain, they may have to re‐elect a new team leader.

Players identified as chronic problem players on the team will be immediately suspended from the APA.

For now, our goal is to provide a Three to Four‐Star Experience. With time, we are confident that the

APA “FUN FACTOR” system will increase all your play in the APA to a Five‐Star level.

How to Rate the Opposing Team:


*****  5 Star Rating

This is our “Top” rating. Team is one of the nicest in the League. Not only do they cause no problems

and are a pleasure to play,  but they go beyond the call of duty to show Good Sportsmanship and make

your night out feel special. Your team (win or lose) had a “Super” night out.


   ****   4 Star Rating  

This is our “Target” rating. Team causes absolutely no problems and is a pleasure to play. Your team

(win or lose) had a “Great” night out.


     ***   3 Star Rating  

This is our “Average” rating. No major problems, night went well with only a few “minor” problems.

Maybe some minor rule disagreements. Maybe someone’s attitude got slightly out of hand, but the

opposing team Captain got them in line, apologized for the infraction, and the night continued without

further incident. Your team (win or lose) had a “Good” night .


       **    2 Star Rating  

This is a “Poor” rating. Opposing team members in no way threatened or intimidated your players,

however they did cause multiple problems while the opposing team Captain did nothing to get his/her

players under control..... enough so that your evening wasn’t fun. Maybe the opposing team made5 STAR SPORTSMANSHIP

smart or degrading remarks to your players, or called you CHEATers;  maybe they tried to manipulate

our handicap system by simply banging balls around the table; or maybe they were just rude and

unfriendly. Your team (win or lose) “did not” have a fun night out. Write‐Up must accompany this



          *   1 Star Rating

This is a “Totally Unacceptable” rating. Opposing team members may have threatened or intimidated

your players .... or may have caused multiple “major” problems. Opposing Team Captain did nothing to

get his/her players under control. Your team (win or lose) had a terrible night out. Write‐Up must

accompany this rating!


* NOTE: The above are suggested guidelines, and only guidelines.

Please feel free to use your own judgment when rating the opposing teams.